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Cocktail is a 2012 Indian romantic comedy-drama film directed by Homi Adajania under the banner of Illuminati Films. The film stars Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and newcomer Diana Penty in lead roles, with Dimple Kapadia and Boman Irani appearing in supporting roles.[4][5] Randeep Hooda has a special appearance. [6] Adajania has previously worked with Khan, Kapadia, and Irani in his directorial debut Being Cyrus. Cocktail released worldwide on 13 July 2012 and received a positive to mixed reception from critics, with high praise to Deepika Padukone's performance and was declared as the best performance of her career. The film also emerged as a major commercial success in both India and abroad. After its three-week run, Box Office India declared the movie a hit in India and abroad.[7]

Meera (iana Penty) is a shy and simple traditional girl who leaves her family in India to live in London with her husband Kunal (Randeep Hooda). While at the London airport, she meets the shameless flirt Gautam "gutlu" (Saif Ali Khan), who hits on her and asks her out. Meera politely tells him that she is married and then leaves. Meera searches for her husband and finally finds him, but he is angry to see her and explains that he only married Meera for her money, telling her to stay away from him. This leaves Meera heartbroken and stranded in London with no place to stay.

While in the bathroom at a department store, Meera meets party girl Veronica (Deepika Padukone) who sees Meera weeping and decides to help her. Veronica takes Meera to her apartment and explains that her estranged father sends her a large amount through cheque every month, which helps Veronica enjoy the life of a rich socialite. One night, Veronica takes Meera to a nightclub, where they run into Gautam. At the club, Gautam and Veronica dances intimately and make out. The next morning, after an interview, Meera comes home to find Gautam on the couch. She learns that Gautam and Veronica slept together the previous night.

Soon, Gautam moves in with Veronica and Meera, continuing his "no strings attached" relationship with Veronica. Although Meera initially dislikes him, she eventually accepts him, and the three become best friends. Things get complicated when Gautam's mother (Dimple Kapadia) shows up, wanting to know if Gautam has found the girl he wants to marry. He lies to his mother and says that he is in a relationship with Meera because she is the "Ideal Indian girl" who would meet his mother's approval. During this charade, Gautam and Meera end up falling in love. However, Meera is hesitant to admit it, because she does not want to hurt Veronica, who has fallen in love with Gautam and is trying to win the approval of his mother by becoming a proper Indian girl. Gautam sits the two girls down and explains to Veronica that even though she loves him, he is in love with Meera. Meera apologises to Veronica, but Veronica assures her that it is okay and insists that they all go to the club to celebrate.

However, at the club, a drunken Veronica breaks down, telling Gautam that she will do whatever he wants, and she tells Meera that no one has ever used her the way she did. The next morning, the three part ways. One night, Veronica is injured after being hit by a car. Gautam rushes her to hospital. Meera comes there with Kunal to make it look like she has gotten over Gautam.

Gautam moves back in with Veronica to care for her. Veronica realises that Gautam is no longer the flirtatious, fun-loving man with whom she fell in love and that he is that man only when he is with Meera. She sacrifices her love for Gautam realising she is not perfect for him, and she helps him locate Meera. They seek out Kunal, who tells them that Meera left him because she loved Gautam too much and that she has gone back to India. Gautam and Veronica travel to Delhi. Gautam proposes to Meera, and she accepts. Veronica and Meera become best friends again and the three friends reunite.

Saif Ali Khan as Gautam Kapoor
Deepika Padukone as Veronica Malaney
Diana Penty as Meera Sahni
Dimple Kapadia as Kavita Kapoor, Gautam's Mother
Boman Irani as Randhir "Randy" Malhotra, Gautam's Uncle
Randeep Hooda as Kunal Ahuja, Meera's Husband (Extended Guest Appearance)
Manoj Pahwa as Lovely Chadda (Special Appearance)
Mia Uyeda as Jayshree (Special Appearance)
Tena Desae as Waitress (Special Appearance)
"The film is for people aged between 12 and 50. It is about friendship, love, romance and has something for all kinds of audience. It is a love story. The designing of the three characters Gautam (Saif), Veronica (Deepika), Meera (Diana), the cool and contemporary look of the film and its music are its USP"

-Producer Dinesh Vijan[8]
Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone were initially signed on to play the leads in the film, after their chemistry in the promos of Break Ke Baad struck a chord with the youth.[9] However, the former declined the film and was consequently replaced by Saif Ali Khan, who decided to also produce the film under his production house Illuminati Films.[10][11] Padukone was offered both the roles of Veronica and Meera, however the character of Meera was similar to her role in Love Aaj Kal and so she chose the role of Veronica as a challenge.[12] Model Diana Penty, who was earlier supposed to play the female lead in Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar, was later signed on to Cocktail instead, on Ali's suggestion, and thus made her debut in Bollywood.

Shooting of the film started at the end of May 2011, in London. Many scenes have been shot indoors, although the crew primarily filmed on the streets of London. Locations of the filming in London include Borough High Street, Borough market, Portobello Road, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, Mayfair, Clapham Junction, Battersea Park, Bank Station, St. Pauls London, Colville Gardens (Notting Hill), and Brick Lane. The film was also shot in Cape Town, South Africa.[13] Padukone has gyrated to a Punjabi party song (Main Sharaabi) at The Grand nightclub in Clapham Junction, by dancing on a table. This is reminiscent of a dance sequence in the song Chor Bazaari from Love Aaj Kal. Whilst security was extra tight on the day to prevent outsiders entering the premises, a DJ was hired for the music and club lights were also used to make the scene look as real as possible.

Earlier, it was reported that the theatrical trailer of the film would be attached to the prints of Khan's previous home production, Agent Vinod,[14] although the makers decided against this for unknown reasons. The official trailer was eventually launched on 21 May 2012, to a phenomenal response from critics and audiences, crossing 1 million hits on YouTube within 3 days.

Critical reception

Director, Homi Adajania promoting Cocktail, July 2012
Rubina A Khan of Firstpost gave the movie 4/5 stars, saying that "Cocktail is a contemporary film that reflects life as it happens all around us…. just as crazy, twisted, beautiful, funny, weird and lonely as anyone's life can be. It's about easy choices and hard decisions and how life still goes on, despite it all. It's a cocktail you definitely wanna try!"[15]

Khalid Mohamed of Deccan Chronicle gave the movie 3.5/5 stars, concluding that "Whatever the flaws and dips in energy-level, Cocktail is a feel-wonderful movie. Shake it, stir it and get nicely woozy."[16] Meena Iyer of Times of India gave the movie 3.5/5 stars, commenting that "What Cocktail should be truly applauded for is its permissiveness. As a film it breaks shackles and ushers in a new free spirit that Gen-Now will relate to."[17] Aniruddha Guha of DNA India gave the movie 3.5/5 stars, stating that "The best thing about Cocktail is that it is as different as a film can get within a very conventional format. My favourite scene has Gautam talk to Veronica and Meera together about his feelings towards each of them. "Look. You love me. I love her. Let's sort this mess out." A rare moment in Hindi cinema."[18] Anupama Chopra of Hindustan Times gave the movie 3.5/5 stars, commenting that "This cocktail is full of fizz."[19]

Nabanita Roy of One India gave the movie 3/5 stars, concluding that "On the whole, Cocktail is colourful, fascinating and attention-grabbing. Though the movie suffers a few loopholes, but, you definitely can't ignore the threesome magic of Saif-Dippy-Diana."[20] Resham Sengar of Zee News gave the movie 3/5 stars, stating that "'Cocktail' is worth a try!"[21] Devesh Sharma of Filmfare gave the movie 3/5 stars, concluding that "All-in-all, it's a nice urban romance. But again, this isn't how I would like to describe a Imtiaz-Homi collaboration. You expected something with a twist, what you get is a pat too sweet – a Bloody Mary without the Vodka."[22] Saibal Chatterjee of NDTV gave the movie 3/5 stars, commenting that "Cocktail has just the right mix of fizz and flavour to allow the occasional and inevitable crinkles of triteness to flow well below the surface. It is definitely worth a visit to the multiplex."[23] Vinayak Chakravorthy of India Today gave the movie 3/5 stars, concluding that "If Cocktail works, it is mainly for the characters Imtiaz has penned well as the cool with which the lead stars live them on screen."[24] Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama gave the movie 3/5 stars, saying that "On the whole, COCKTAIL has a fascinating first half, charismatic performances, harmonious music and the trendy look and styling as its aces, but the second half is not as tempting or intoxicating as the first hour. It pales when compared to the attention-grabbing first hour. Yet, all said and done, this one's primarily targeted at the Gen Next, especially those in metros, who might identify with the on-screen characters."[25] Blessy Chettiar of DNA India gave the movie 3/5 stars, stating that "You can't hate a film like Cocktail nor can you love it in totality. If you've liked Ali's storytelling before, there's no harm in catching it at least once. Cheers!"[26]

Bollywood Life gave the movie 2.5/5 stars, stating that "As for the film – very niche, very easy on the eye and ear and a lot of the time, very fun."[27] Kaushik L.M of Behind Woods gave the movie 2.5/5 stars, concluding that "The light hearted fun and romance resurrect this cocktail."[28] Shubhra Gupta of Indian Express gave the movie 2.5/5 stars, concluding that "Cocktail is nice while the fizz lasts."[29] Roshni Devi of Koimoi gave the movie 2.5/5 stars, saying that "Cocktail is a nice and enjoyable movie for the dialogues, songs and performances. But the second half is a real drag."[30]

Sonia Chopra of Sify gave the movie 2/5 stars, stating that "Drink this cocktail if you must; but be warned, the concoction isn't as appetizing as it looks!"[31] That's So Gloss! echoed this criticism in a review, stating: "[Cocktail] says it's okay when the guy does it, but when a lady does the same thing, she is immoral, and society must punish her in some way. A textbook example of a "double-standard"."[32] Martin D'Souza of Glamsham gave the movie 2/5 stars, saying that "It's a cocktail alright, but one which lacks punch. A flat drink with no fizz and lots of salt at the rim of the glass which knocks you back with its sting."[33] Rajeev Masand of CNN-IBN gave the movie 2/5 stars, concluding that "I'm going with two out of five for director Homi Adajania's Cocktail. With the right ingredients in the right proportions, this might have made for a smooth concoction. But Cocktail is a mostly flat romance; one that could've done with more heart."[34] Janhavi Samant of Midday gave the movie 2/5 stars, stating that "There are people who love films about freefalling NRIs, who have jobs but never seem to work, who love the thrills of casual sex but only till they find a desi wife who wil serve home-cooked food, and who can go to Cape Town from London for just a weekend, and whose biggest crisis is to decide if what they feel is 'true' love. But this critic ain't one of them."[35] Suparna Sharma of Deccan Chronicle gave the movie 2/5 stars, commenting that "Cocktail, because of its high sugar content, initially gives a heady rush, but leaves a bad hangover."[36] Raja Sen of Rediff gave the movie 2/5 stars, commenting that "It's a pity, and not just because this could have been the great unconventional cinematic threesome we so desperately need. Cocktail has a handful of moments and a few genuine sparks, but finally crashes and burns so spectacularly that it's hard to focus on the positives. We must thank it, thus, for Diana Penty."[37]

Kunal Guha of Yahoo! gave the movie 1.5/5 stars, stating that "One of the chief reasons why this cocktail fails to hit your sweet spot is because you don't empathize with any of the characters. There could be many reasons for this but to point one: none of them seem worthy of your attention and concern. Still keen to figure out who Saif ends up with? Why don’t you deduce it yourself like any mature adult would? I would recommend the scientific method used to pick item girls in films lately: Eenie Meenie…"[38] Mayank Shekhar of Daily Bhaskar gave the movie 1.5/5 stars, concluding that "You feel worse for Saif aged 43. It's hard to tell how every woman he meets in the movie gets turned on by his random charms. The world is his playground. He still makes it seem vaguely convincing. Here's a big league actor at the top of his form. Look at his recent films: Agent Vinod, Aarakshan, Kurbaan. Forget those films. Just check out his performances. He could do with much better movies. Surely. Seriously."[39]

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In this article we write a complete information hollywood Film Review. In this article we write a list of horror movies missions movies civil war movies based on jungle movies batman movies superman movies Warcraft  movies based on animal movies based on biography drama comedy adventure based on full action movie based on full romance movies based on adventure action and other type of movies details are provide in this article. A good collection of all fantastic movies 2016 are here

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Entertainment is a 2014 Bollywood romantic comedy film directed by the duo Sajid-Farhad in their directorial debut. Starring Junior, Akshay Kumar and Tamannaah Bhatia in the lead roles, the film is produced by Ramesh S. Taurani of Tips Industries Limited. Entertainment was released on 8 August 2014.

The film starts with Akhil Lokande (Akshay Kumar) getting paid for doing an ad, where he gets into a fight, as he wasn't paid the full amount of money that they had promised. This continues with a few other ads, where Akhil constantly ends the fight when he gets a phone call, and says he has to go somewhere. He then arrives on a shoot where Sakshi (Tamannaah Bhatia) is shooting for her television series. After her shoot lets out, they go for a walk around the park, observing other couples. At the end of their walk, Akhil proposes to Saakshi. Akhil and Saakshi go to her father's (Mithun Chakraborty) house, where they are told that until Akhil becomes rich, he can't marry Saakshi.

Akhil goes to his film-obsessed friend, Jugnu's (Krushna Abhishek) shop. He tells him that he is going to visit his father at the hospital because he has chest pain. However, his father (Darshan Jariwala), is actually acting and is dancing around with the nurse, only staying in the hospital because it has service like a 5-Star hotel. Akhil arrives just in time to hear and see this, and goes to beat up his father, when he reveals that Akhil is adopted and his real father wasn't ready for a child so his mother left, but was killed in a train crash. Luckily Akhil survived, and when the railway officers were giving one lakh rupees for the families who's even one member dies so he took akhil and made him his son. Then Akhil beats him up. He goes back to his house, and opens the chest that he never had before, which contains love letters from his real father, to his mother, and a locket with his father and mother's pictures. He discovers that his father is Pannalal Johri (Dalip Tahil) who is a billionaire in Bangkok. Right as he finds this, on the television comes news that Pannalal Johri is dead and his 3000 crore's will go to anyone who can prove that they are related to Pannalal Johri.

After arriving at Johri mansion, his father's house at Bangkok, he discovers that a dog named 'Entertainment' is the owner of Johri's property. They try to kill Entertainment, by having Akhil become Entertainment's caretaker, but fail. Saakshi and her father surprise Akhil at the mansion, and discover that Entertainment is the heir, causing the father to declare that Saakshi will never marry Akhil. At this time 2 brothers, Karan (Prakash Raj) and Arjun (Sonu Sood), the 2nd cousins of Johri, escape jail. Karan and Arjun want to kill Akhil, because they figure that the dog will die in a couple of years anyway, so while Akhil is attempting to kill Entertainment, by drowning him under a thinly iced lake. Karan and Arjun hit the ground at the same time as Akhil causing him to nearly fall in, but Entertainment saves the former, and falls into the lake instead. After a lot of efforts Akhil fails to save Entertainment but suddenly he comes out of the water and they develop feelings for each other. Akhil realizes his mistake and learns that Entertainment is a good hearted and good dog so he becomes his friend and leaves the mansion. Karan and Arjun, citing that their lawyer knows the judge very well, inappropriately acquire the property from Entertainment.

Akhil learns this news and returns. He vows that he'll get the property back for Entertainment. Akhil's strategy is to divide the two brothers and conquer. He manages to get a job as a servant at the Mansion, now owned by Karan and Arjun. Akhil attempts to split the two brothers, first by introducing Saakshi who seduces the two brothers separately. However, the scheme fails as background music rejoices the two brothers. Akhil again attempts trying to split two brothers, this time by introducing a false impression of a ghost of Entertainment the dog. The two brothers quarrel and accuse each other of illegally disguising as Entertainment and they tricked the judges. Akhil's friends tape this conversation slyly, however, the CD drops accidentally and Karan and Arjun realize that all this was planned by Akhil.

Entertainment runs with the CD. Karan, Arjun and their gang chase the dog, Akhil, and his friends. Akhil manages to beat them all. Later, Karan shoots Akhil, but Entertainment takes the bullet by jumping in front of Akhil. Akhil gets angry and beats up Karan black and blue.

Entertainment is taken to the hospital but unable to get saved, Akhil in a fit of anger he punches him but at this process he had saved him. Karan and Arjun come to apologize to Entertainment, who forgives them. Saakshi's father gets Akhil and Saakshi married while Entertainment also marries a female dog in the same ceremony, this starts a party song "Veerey Di Wedding". This film ends when it shows that Akhil and Saakshi lives a life with Entertainment and his wife (the female dog) and finally at the end it shows the social message Love your pets and they will entertain you all life

Junior as Entertainment (the wonder dog)
Akshay Kumar as Akhil Pannalal Johri/Akhil Lokhande
Tamannaah Bhatia as Saakshi
Krushna Abhishek as Jugnu
Johnny Lever as Habibullah Shiekh
Prakash Raj as Karan
Sonu Sood as Arjun
Mithun Chakraborty as Saakshi's Father
Riteish Deshmukh as Jagtap Capsules teleshopping host (cameo)[4]
Shreyas Talpade as cricketer (cameo)[4]
Remo D'Souza as choreographer (cameo)
Dalip Tahil as Pannalal Johri (cameo)
Vrajesh Hirjee as Wannabe groom (cameo)
Darshan Jariwala as Akhil's adoptive father (cameo)
Hiten Tejwani as the show actor (cameo)[5]
Sajid-Farhad as Commentators
Damian Mavis as Thug
While working on Phata Poster Nikhla Hero in June 2013 producer Ramesh Taurani confirmed that the film's cast will include Kumar, Bhatia, Chakraborty, Sood, Prakash Raj, Lever and Abhishek.[6]

"This film is full of love and laughter. Apart from working with Tamannaah, the best bit is that for the first time in my career, I'll be working with a dog! I've romanced women; I've played with babies; I've done every stunt under the sun. Now, it's time for me to take a cue from a canine. This film promises fun and it has got what everyone loves - dogs, dogs and more dogs."[undue weight? – discuss]

Akshay Kumar on Entertainment.[7]
In February 2013, Taurani confirmed that the film will feature Kumar in the lead role.[8] Bhatia's involvement with the project was confirmed the following month.[9] In April, Taurani confirmed that Sonu Sood and Prakash Raj will be playing the antagonists and that Johnny Lever was also part of the project.[10] Sood had earlier acted alongside Kumar in the comedy drama Singh Is Kinng.[11] The film was tentatively titled Entertainment.[12] In an interview, Sajid-Farhad said that Kumar had motivated them to start their directing career.[13] They said that they had prepared the script for their directorial venture a long time ago.[14] Shooting started on 3 June 2013 in Mumbai where the mahurat shot was filmed.[15] Television actor Hiten Tejwani also did a special appearance as a TV presenter.[16] An audition was conducted in Bangkok for the role of the dog–Entertainment. A Golden Retriever named Wonder Dog was chosen from a total of 50 dogs to play the role.[7][17] In June 2013, the producers, directors and Kumar discussed about shooting locations. Kumar expresses his wish to shoot the film in Bangkok, where he had worked as a waiter and trained in martial arts. The finalised locations included Baanpradhana Bungalow in Ongkuruk, Asiatique Mall, Ancient City, Bangkok University and Ongkuruk Railway Station.[18]

The film was scheduled to premiere on 28 March 2014.[19][20] On 1 July, shooting started in Bangkok for a three months long schedule where 80% of the film was shot,[21] remaining 10% of the film was shot in Mumbai with one song in Goa during late 2013. Shooting was wrapped up in April 2014.[22][23] A few songs and an item number were shot in Mumbai.[24] The Censor Board of Film Certification in India had objected to Abdullah, the name of Johnny Lever's character in the film. The board's objection was based on the fact that the name of the character is sacred and it was mispronounced by several other characters throughout the film and this would have hurt the religious sentiments of people. The board had asked Sajid Farhad to change the character's name. They complied with the board's instructions and changed the name to Habibullah. The changes were made just a week before the release of the film. The board had also objected to use of the word HIV during a joke in the film and subsequently it was muted. Another of board's objection was the use of trident by Kumar's character in the film. The shot was removed.[25]

All the costumes used in the filming were donated to the youth organization in Defense of Animals. It auctioned the clothes and the money collected in this way was used for the benefit of stray animals. Kumar also bought one clothing item. The lead actress Tammanah Bhatia stated that she would donate all the costumes used by her in her future film projects to such initiatives.[26] Earlier titled It's Entertainment, the teaser trailer of the movie unveiled on 14 May[27] whilst the theatrical trailer was released on 19 May.[28] Politician and animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi was the chief guest at the trailer launch ceremony.[29] The producers initially wanted the film to be titled Entertainment but Amole Gupte had already registered for his upcoming film but in July 2014 Gupte donated it to the Sajid-Farhad as a friendly gesture.[30] Kumar decided that the credit for the dog Junior should appear before his.[31] Some fraudsters released a poster of the film and invited people to attend the music launch at Birla Matoshree. Producer Taurani warned people about the fraud posters.[32] The film's satellite right were sold to Zee TV; though the producers did not disclose the amount, media speculated that the deal was worth ₹100 crore (US$15 million).[33]